About Sheer Purefection Kennels

We are a fine breeder of purebred pitbulls, located in Central Virginia. We breed only every so often, done ethically, and in a way that does not harm our animals. This means that we may not have pitbulls available when you’re looking, but we always welcome inquiries– and we’ll keep you posted on when we have a new litter. We maintain a “dog blog” of sorts that will always have the most up-to-date information. Keep in touch!


Work with a breeder you can trust. We only breed purebred pitbulls. We’re registered with national organizations like the American Kennel Club and follow recognized best practices.


We follow all industry regulations, and breed our pitbulls in a safe and
nurturing environment. We are a certified, recognized, breeder local to Central Virginia.


To meet our pitbull puppies, schedule a visit today! We’re located in Chancellorsville, VA. Chancellorsville is about 2 hours away from DC, and 1 1/2 hours from Virginia’s capital, Richmond.


“Pitbulls are strong and loyal dogs that are perfect for many homes. Don’t believe the hype.”


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